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Workout depends on fundamental parameters which are flexibility, strength, endurance, and power.

Workout allow to reach many objectives. 

An improvement of our esthetics with gain or not of muscular volume. Thanks to an adapted dietetic, we'll be able to obtain a thinner silhouette or a good shapely figure of our body.

A role of muscular reinforcement which will make it possible for our muscles to have a dynamic role on the level of maintaining of our skeleton (rib cage, back, hips..). Our muscles take a better part on maintaining posture in general what will eliminate certain pains and bad postures.

To gain in strength and to increase the muscular potential: muscular power gain.

To support growth for teenagers because their body which is in development will be requested and stimulated.

To delay when we are seniors the effects of osteoporosis because there is requests of the bones and muscles.

Training for a specific sports activity for improving the performances. We train more specifically muscles which are mainly requested for the concerned activity (tennis, football ...).

Correction of wrong positions or a specific pathology (lordosis, kyphosis.), rehabilitation in complement of physiotherapist or physical therapist.


Methods of weight training:

Several stages must be respected, in order :

1) Learning of  exercises and correct postures. Automation of a gesture of quality, coordination.

2) To become use to muscular efforts. Progressive and functional adaptation to requests of the muscles. Alternation effort / recovery and stabilization of assets.

3) Training Plans. Development of principle muscular groups of body, of motor muscles, fixing and stabilizers o spinal column and waists. We pace loads, series and repetitions, times of recovery, forms of execution (slow, explosive, not guided ...), type of contraction, the method.


For practice of workout, there are some specificities for man and woman. According to sex, training will be adapted.

Evolution after initial phase of training.

Nature of work in circuit training are sufficient in an objective of maintenance of the body, combined with a program of reduction of weight fat. Principle of circuit training consists in working successively in an exercise station then to rest for a while and to move to another exercise station. There are three types of circuit training (series alternated by exercise station, grouped by exercise station, series mixed).

In cases of a weight training in support of performance (sporting field), development of muscular strength can't be ignored. We'll evaluate maximum weight for certain exercises. Awareness with heavy weights.


We propose to you to establish a personalized training workouts to allow you to achieve your goals (toning up, maintenance, improvement, loss of weight, muscular development and so on ... ). The routines are established by our specialists in coaching, according to a precise questionnaire which you will have to fill out. These detailed routines are complementary to our files and will serve to you as " your personal guidelines ". If you are interested, register !