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Our heart reacts to a regular physical activity while adapting to efforts. There is a left dilation of ventricles and thickening of its wall, a progressive increase in cardiac volume.


Instructions concerning utilization of methods in cardio-training fitness:

Generally, apparatuses which we use will be provided with sensors to take measurements of heart rate, start, during and after our efforts. We must input a certain number of information (age, weight ...) and  required objectives (loss of weight ...) will be necessary to begin our training workout.

During outdoor training, we can also wear heart rate monitors which make the difference between a workout that works and one that's just plain work. The key is in the heart, providing accurate, up-to-the-minute information on your body to help you plan an effective and personal fitness or training program.



Several stages will be considered:

- An evaluation of  physical condition, using tests and a questionnaire of aptitude.

- Definition of our objectives (maintenance, improvement, loss of weight, improvement of performance, readjustment).

- Choice of the program of work (time, intensity, targeted heart rate or goal) in the machine. The majority of the apparatuses adjust speed automatically or the intensity of work on your heart rate targeted.

- Initiation with the good technique of execution and good placement of body to avoid traumatisms.


There are many working methods in cardio-training that we'll select according to required objectives (adaptation to the effort carefully, reduction of weight overload, improvement or maintain power aerobic maximum, for competition, ...

- After a certain quantity of training workouts, it can be considered according to results obtained : to maintain, to readjust or to modify of your program. In this case, we'll modify one or more parameters : duration, number of training workouts, frequency, time of recovery, target frequency, speed of execution, rhythm.

It' s not necessary to be always exerted on the same apparatuses. In order to avoid cramps or lassitude it is necessary to alternate apparatuses. We have a lot of choice : treadmill, stepper, oarsman, skier, bicycle, steps, skates .. 

We propose to you to establish a personalized training workouts to allow you to achieve your goals (toning up, maintenance, improvement, loss of weight, muscular development and so on ... ). The routines are established by our specialists in coaching, according to a precise questionnaire which you will have to fill out. These detailed routines are complementary to our files and will serve to you as " your personal guidelines ". If you are interested, register !



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